We seek to reclaim and consolidate MMIWG2S throughout data that is largely incomplete while moving toward data sovereignty by putting the data in the hands of Indigenous communities.

We are setting the foundation for data gathering, creating multi-level research partnerships to improve access for our data and bringing our community together for MMIWG2S gatherings centered around healing, feedback and dissemination of work being done.

Our most important value is to do this work in a good way with and for our community. Our goal is to be self-determined and have sovereignty over our MMIWGS2 data in order to inform research, policy and systemic change at local, state, and federal levels and in solidarity with all Indigenous peoples.

We are doing what we know is needed to strategically create change. Decolonizing data is having sovereignty over our own data. We are utilizing our data as a resource for true systemic change led by Indigenous people. We seek justice on every front.

We vision a future of no more stolen relatives for our generations ahead.

We also open this space as a platform for hearing directly from our community to respectfully gather data from loved ones seeking justice. We seek to establish the trust and relationships necessary in gathering data and to do this work in a good way.

Serving our Indigenous communities

We serve our Indigenous communities by working for and with them towards justice and healing through systemic change and advocacy regarding missing and murdered Indigenous persons.

& Caring For Our Stories

We protect and care for our stories through stewarding qualitative and quantitative data with respect. We strategically

Honoring Our Ancestors

We work to honor our ancestors’ past and future with guidance from Indigenous values and teachings; applied through respectful, self-determined and sovereign research and reporting.