All requests for data are considered and approved by DIJ board and staff.

This database continues to grow as our work expands. Access to the database is available on an as-requested basis. This data is not readily available for anyone. We take good care of the data that is provided to DIJ and are committed to upholding our responsibility to the sacredness of this data. We do not allow access to the data to individuals or institutions who have insufficiently demonstrated that they are able to work in good partnership or those who fail to demonstrate that they will work with good care and intentions of this data. We do this out of respect, care and sensitivity to families of loved ones lost.

Requesting data requires that you fill out ALL information in the fields below. Approval for these requests are on a case-by-case basis.

Artwork by Dustin Newman, Unangax. We have been given permission to use this image.

Please allow for 2-4 weeks per each individual new request. Any requests that have been previously closed can be appealed by submitting a petition to the Data for Indigenous Justice board of directors and staff.