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This baseline report created by Data for Indigenous Justice (DIJ).

This report is a reclamation of our stories that we have always had and maintained. This ancestral knowledge of data that we put forward is for our families and communities to self-determine our pathways to justice. While the use of data and reports can be used in innumerable ways; our intention here is first and foremost to ensure the safety of our people.

*Womxn (and Mxn) are terms used in intersectional feminism which are inclusive of transgender and gender expansive people. *MMIWG2S- Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womxn, Girls, and Two-Spirited. Though we want to uplift all expansive genders, this report to date will use MMIWG as that is the information we can accurately report at this time. We do not currently have Two-Spirit and/or Trans-persons data.

Charlene Aqpik Apok, Iñupiaq
Malia Villegas, Native Village of Afognak
Abigail Echo-Hawk, Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Jody Juneby Potts, Han Gwich’in from Eagle Village, Alaska

Kelsey Ciugun Wallace, Yup’ik, Yaaruin Creative LLC